Gr.4 T2 Investigation: Space and Shapes [PDF]


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Author: Heleen Meintjies

Number of pages: 5 (investigation) + 2 (memo)

Total: 35 marks

Section A: 2D-shapes

Question 1: Count shapes (circles, triangles, squares, rectangles)

Question 2: Sides and angles (parallelogram, rhombus, hexagon, pentagon, trapezium)

Question 3: Squares

Section B: 3D-objects

Question 1: Identify 3d-objects. (cone, cube, cylinder, octagon, sphere, squared based pyramid, triangle-based prism, rectangle prism, octagonal based prism)

Question 2: Identify 3d-object (pyramid)

Question 3: Faces of 2D-shape

Question 4: Number of curved and straight faces