Gr.4 T1 Baseline Ass 2021 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 18 (ass) + 5 (memo)

Total: 75 marks


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Numbers and Operations

  • number symbol (max 999)
  • number name (max 999)
  • place value: break up (max 999)
  • more and less
  • multiples (max 12)
  • compare and order numbers (max 999)
  • number bonds of 30
  • ordinal numbers (max 31)
  • round off to the nearest 10
  • addition, subtraction, double, halve and division (max 999)
  • division with a fraction
  • fraction of a whole number
  • quarters and 1 whole
  • money


  • complete Geometrical pattern

Space and Shapes

  • recognise view of everyday object and name object
  • draw circle, triangle, square and rectangle
  • objects; name; number of faces; shapes of faces; cube; rectangular prism; pyramid; cylinder
  • symmetry: draw other half


  • days of the week
  • months of the year
  • time: in words and digital; draw arms in
  • conversion: days and weeks; months and weeks
  • duration in minutes
  • Mass: read off mass from digital scale
  • Volume: read off volume from jug
  • Area: count the number of blocks (tiles)

Data Handling

  • count number of animals; make tally marks; complete table
  • answer questions about data