Gr.12 ML Spring Book 2016 [PDF]

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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 132

A “crash course” notes (only notes of some topics) and exercise book for Gr.12 learners to study for the September and November exams.

This book consists of a complete CAPS study list, exam type of questions and a complete memorandum.

This book contains the following:

  1. Exam Study list with all CAPS topics
  2. Math Lit Formula Sheets (which formulas are given and which you must learn)
  3. Conversions Sheet
    4. Part A: Basic Skills and Conversions
  • Notes: Number formats, rounding off very large numbers and rounding off of people, etc.
  • Notes: Direct proportion method and indirect proportion method
  • Notes: Percentages – 7 types (the complete notes and mind map)
  • Notes: Ratio Mind Map
  • Notes: Converting time and correct time notation
  • Exam questions and memo: Basic skills topics
  1. Part B: Tariff Systems
  • Notes: Water tariffs with sliding scales
  • Exam questions and memo: water tariffs and electricity tariffs
  1. Part C: Break-even Analysis and Small Business
  • Notes: Patterns and Relationships – 4 different types (formula, table and graph) – the complete notes
  • Exam questions and memo: Break-even analysis with 3 lines (formulas, tables, graphs and interpretation) – THREE questions with different contexts
  • Exam questions and memo: Small business (Budget; Income-and-expenditure statement; cost price, selling price and profit)
  1. Part D: Data Handling
  • Notes: Types of data (numerical, categorical, discreet, continuous)
  • Notes: Mean, median and mode and which one is best
  • Notes: Equation type of questions involving average (mean)
  • Notes: How to estimate the amount if there aren’t clear lines on a graph
  • Exam questions and memo: Stacked bar graph; data tables; equation: average; quartiles (interpreting box-and-whisker plot)
  1. Part E: Finance – Tax [UPDATED – 2016/2017 INFO]
  • Notes: VAT (complete notes: 4 calculations)
  • Notes: Personal Income Tax Mind Map + FAQ
  • Notes: Example of personal Income Tax question answered step-by-step

Notes: IRP5 tax form

  • Exam questions and memo: VAT and personal Income Tax (3 questions with different “set-ups”)
  1. Part F: Scales, maps, tables and models (optimal packing)
  • Notes: Mind Map and example of vehicle operating costs
  • Notes: Scales Mind map; Number scales and bar scales
  • Notes: Building
  • Notes: Optimal packing (fitting in the largest amount of objects possible in real life)
  • Exam questions and memo: Vehicle operating costs; floor plan with scale questions; optimal packing (2 different types)
  1. Part G: Finance – Loans and Investments
  • Notes: Loans, annuity and Stokvel
  • Notes: Simple interest and compound interest (investment and depreciation)
  • Exam questions and memo: Interest questions and investments with spreadsheet type of questions
  1.      Part H: 2- and 3-dimensional shapes
  • Notes: All formulae for perimeter, area, TSA and volume
  • Notes: Example of TSA – more difficult question
  • Exam questions and memo: More difficult TSA (2 different types); more difficult area and perimeter
  1. Part I: Finance – Currency and Exchange Rates
  • Notes and examples for each situation: Foreign currency – buying and selling, including commission fees
  • Mind map: Foreign currency – buying and selling
  • Exam questions and memo: Buying and selling foreign currency
  1. Part J: Probability
  • Notes: Probability – Lottery
  • Notes: Formula
  • Notes: Probabilities of multiple events, including tree diagram and two-way table
  • Exam questions and memo: Lottery; general probability (prediction); tree diagram; two-way table