Gr.6 T4 Super Math Act Book with TT 2022 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 138 (book) + 96 (memo)

Number of activities: 23

Types or book: TEXT BOOK (fill in Activity Book) that covers the whole term’s CAPS work

Philosophy: Thinking Tools

Printing: back-to-back and bind with ring binder (1 book) or use stapler (make 2 packs)

Activity 1: number values; place value; own maps; tree maps; 9-digit numbers; definitions; brace map; smaller than; larger than; ascending and descending order

Activity 2: rounding off; brace map; naaste 10, 100 and 1 000; tree maps

Activity 3: double; triangles; bridge maps

Activity 4: halve; triangles; bridge maps

Activity 5: multiplication and division with multiples of 10; brace map; properties of numbers; multiples; multiplied by multi flow maps

Activity 6: multiplication of 4-digit numbers with 3-digit numbers; multi flow maps; brace maps

Activity 7: multiply in columns

Activity 8: ratio and rate; bridge maps; multiplication and division

Activity 9: fractions; definitions; fraction; denominator; numerator; simplify; ascending order; descending order; brace map; bridge maps; addition with the same denominators

Activity 10: fractions; addition and subtraction; common fractions and mixed numbers; denominators is multiples of each other; simplify

Activity 11: calculate fractions of whole numbers; flow maps; summary in brace map

Activity 12: calculate percentages of whole numbers; flow maps; summary in brace map

Activity 13: fractions, decimal fractions and percentages; equivalent fractions, bridge maps; summary in brace map

Activity 14: 3D-objects; definitions; prism; face; round faces; flat faces; edges; vertices; base; brace map; cube, rectangular prism, tetrahedron, pyramid with squared base, pyramid with pentagonal base and pyramid with hexagonal base; name of prism, number of faces, flat or round faces, shapes of faces, number of edges, number of vertices; nets

Activity 15: perimeter; square; rectangle; formula; triangle; circle; formulae;

Activity 16: area; square; rectangle; irregular examples; blocks; round and reguit objects; estimate

Activity 17: volume; blocks; formula; base area multiplied by height; cube; rectangular prism; count blocks

Activity 18 – 19: division of whole numbers; 4-digit divided by 3-digit; metodes; break up; long division in columns; with and without a remainder

Activity 20: number sentences; multiple choice questions; inverse of distributive law

Activity 21: transformation; translation; reflection; rotation; triangles and quadrilaterals; blocks

Activity 22: grid reference; direction; directions

Activity 23: probability; coin; die; spinner; fractions; decimal fractions; percentages