Gr.1 T2 Super Math Act Book with TT 2022 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 158 (book) + 42 (memo)

Number of activities: 43

Types of book: TEXT BOOK (fill in Activity Book) that covers the whole term’s CAPS work

Philosophy: Thinking Tools

Printing: back-to-back and bind with ring binder (1 book) or use stapler (make 2 packs)


Notes to the educator / parent

  • There are many places in the book where there isn’t a spasie for answers.
  • The reason for this is that most Grade 1 learners are not yet able to write answers and can therefore give the answers verbally to the adult.
  • This book must be done together with an adult. Read the questions out loud for the learner.


Activity 1: count the number of objects and trace the correct number; pictures and numbers with dotted lines; draw the number of circles that the number says

Activity 2: count in 1s; circle map; worm flow map

Activity 3: count forwards and backwards in 1s; tree map; bridge maps; number block

Activity 4: count in 10s; circle map; tree map; flow map with R10-notes

Activity 5: count forwards and backwards in 10s; bridge maps; number blocks; multi flow map; fingers; worm

Activity 6: count in 5s; circle map; tree map with hands and fingers; flow map with R5-coins; tree map and pattern

Activity 7: count forwards and backwards in 5s; bridge maps; number blocks; multi flow map; fingers; toes; worm flow maps

Activity 8: count in 2s; define pair; identify pairs on your body; circle map

Activity 9: count forwards in 2s; tree map with tongues and lips; bridge maps; flow map with R2-coins; legs

Activity 10: count forwards and backwards in 2s; flow map; multi flow map; rocket

Activity 11: count forwards in 2s, 5s and 10s; pictures; knees

Activity 12: count backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s; flow maps; concept of 0 with pictures

Activity 13: count forwards and backwards in 2s, 5s and 10s; circle maps; brace map; tree map; how many 2s, 5s and 10s fits into 10

Activity 14: number symbols and number names from 0 to 10; pictures; brace map

Activity 15: before, after and between; many and little; most and least; the same amount; doesn’t fit; order from largest to smallest; order from least to most

Activity 16: larger than; smaller than; between; dot cards – count number of circles; more than; less than

Activity 17: double; pictures in table; tree map; bridge maps

Activity 18: halve; pictures in table; tree map; bridge maps

Activity 19: number bonds of 9 in cycle map; word sums in steps; addition, subtraction, double and halve; maksimum 20; pictures

Activity 20: number lines; word sums; addition and subtraction

Activity 21: repeat addition in steps; pictures; true or false

Activity 22: repeat addition in steps; pictures

Activity 23: money; recognise coins; addition; pictures

Activity 24: money; subtraction in steps; pictures; change; sums and answers in Rand and cent

Activity 25: addition; pictures; steps; flow maps; 1 more and 2 more

Activity 26: addition; pictures; steps; flow maps

Activity 27: subtraction; pictures; steps; flow maps; 1 less and 2 less; concept of 0

Activity 28: subtraction; pictures; steps; flow maps

Activity 29: number bonds of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7; houses

Activity 30-32: practical lesson; patterns; complete patterns; describe patterns; make up own patterns

Activity 33-34: practical lesson; position; pictures; on top of and underneath; in front of and behind; left and right; next to; inside and outside; up and down; top and bottom; front and back; left-hand-side and right-hand-side; side

Activity 35: practical lesson; instructions that must be followed in classroom

Activity 36: practical lesson; 3D-objects; balls and boxes; order from light to dark or from dark to light; pack the same-coloured objects together; order from small to large or from large to small; objects that roll and objects that slide; pictures

Activity 37: practical lesson; 2D-shapes; pictures; name circle, triangle and square; order from dark to light; order from small to large; round and straight sides

Activity 38: 2D-shapes; pictures; smallest; largest; most and least; count number of shapes

Activity 39: practical lesson; measurement – volume; more; more than, less, less than; empty and full, emptier and fuller; too much (water pouts over the side); cup, table spoon and teaspoon; measuring jug, measuring cup and measuring spoon; “word search”

Activity 40-41: measurement – volume; pictures; liquid; fullest; empty; order the beakers from emptiest to fullest; order the tubes from fullest to emptiest; more and less; ml in teaspoon, table spoon and measuring cup

Activity 42: practical lesson; data handling; collect different types of leaves and summarise it in a table

Activity 43: data handling; column graph with pictures; questions; cut-and-paste activity