Gr.7 T4 Super Math Act Book with TT 2021 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 138 (book) + 66 (memo)

Number of activities: 25


Activity 1: count forwards and backwards in whole numbers; give the rule; fill in the missing numbers on the number lines in; larger than; smaller than; equal; increasing order; decreasing order

Activity 2: introduction to whole numbers; number line; add and subtract; multiple choice questions; pictures; expressions and equations; right and left; add and subtract

Activity 3: thermometer; whole numbers; introduction to negative numbers; colder beneath 0 degrees Celsius it becomes a negative temperature; complete number pattern; subtraction; rules

Activity 4: negative numbers; addition; rules; thermometer

Activity 5: negative numbers; addition and subtraction; thermometer; summary of rules; brace map

Activity 6: negative numbers; addition and subtraction; thermometer; gemengde activity; 50 sums

Activity 7-8: Geometrical patterns; number patterns; input values; output values; rules; coefficient; equations; see patterns; make conclusions; increasing and decreasing patterns; flow maps; work forwards and backwards; summary in brace map

Activity 9: brace map; variable; coefficient; like terms; unlike terms; term that doesn’t fit

Activity 10: recognise variables and constants in expressions and equations; weighing scale; questions; pictures

Activity 11: equations; weighing scale; pictures; find the value of the variable; inspection; inverse operations

Activity 12: equations; find the value of the variable; inspection; equations bevat al four operations; explain what you did to find the answer

Activity 13: equations; brace map; find the value of the variable; test your answer; substitution; variable an element of real numbers (infinite solutions); variable is 0

Activity 14: equations; variable is 0; variable undefined; summarize four solutions of variables in brace map; one value; no value (undefined); all values (element of real numbers) and 0

Activity 15-18: equations; coefficient in front of variable and 3 terms in equation; two steps to solve equation; step-by-step solution of variables with pictures; addition and subtraction

Activity 19-20: data handling; questionnaire; population; sample; regverdig; brace map; hypothesis; prove hypothesis

Activity 21: data handling; frequency tables; questions; stem-and-leaf tables; increasing order; median; mode; average; range

Activity 22: data handling; graphs; horizontal; vertical; scales on axes; coordinates

Activity 23: data handling; graphs; frequency table; group data; histogram; single value data; bar graph; double bubble map; differences and similarities between histograms and bar graphs

Activity 24: data handling; draw own graphs; histogram; bar graph; pie chart

Activity 25: data handling; interpretasie of data; histogram; bar graph; pie chart