Gr.7 T1 Baseline Ass 2021 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or pages: 41 (ass) + 16 (memo)

Total: 185 marks


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Numbers and Operations

  • expanded notation; place value and number value
  • order: ascending order
  • multiples
  • ordinal numbers
  • even numbers
  • round off to the nearest 5, 10, 100, 1 000, 10 000, 100 000 and 1 000 000
  • number bonds
  • addition and subtraction of 6-digit numbers
  • multiply 4-digit with 3-digit
  • divide 4-digit with 3-digit; with a remainder
  • prime factors
  • division with a fraction
  • equivalent fractions; decimal fractions; percentages
  • count in decimal fractions
  • addition and subtraction of fractions with mixed numbers
  • fraction of a number; percentage of a number
  • decimal fractions multiplied with 10 and 100
  • associative, commutative and distributive laws
  • properties of 0 and 1


  • number pattern: word problem with money
  • Geometrical pattern: multi flow map; find missing values; give rule in words; write number sentence

Space and Shapes

  • view of set of objects
  • map of school; grid refences; give directions
  • name octagon and parallelogram
  • give name of all the angles (6)
  • similarities and differences between tetrahedron and other pyramids
  • name objects; number or vertices; number or faces; cube; rectangular prism; triangular prism; cylinder; cone; pyramid
  • recognise nets: cube; tetrahedron
  • draw lines of symmetry
  • recognise transformations: reflection; rotation; translation
  • enlargement


  • Time: read time off analogue clock; words; digital time in morning and evening
  • Time: draw arms on clock
  • Time: convert sec to min; hours to min; days to hours; years to months; decades to years; years to centuries
  • Time: duration
  • Time: equator; time zone questions; given: world map and table with information
  • Length: measuring instruments; units
  • Length: convert m to cm; m to km
  • Mass: read mass off digital and analogue scales
  • Mass: convert g to kg; kg to g
  • Volume: convert kℓ to ℓ; ml to ℓ
  • Volume: ascending order
  • Temperature: read off digital thermometer
  • Perimeter: square and rectangle
  • Total surface area and volume of rectangular prism; done in steps

Data handling

  • daily temperature (in °C) in Hermanus in December 2020
  • median
  • ascending order
  • tally table
  • mode and other questions
  • double bar graph
  • probability: coin; die; spinner