Gr.3 T1 Baseline Ass 2021 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 23 (ass) + 9 (memo)

Total: 100 marks


Cover with learner’s information

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Numbers and Bewerkings

  • Number symbol and number name
  • Place value: break up into tens and units
  • More than, less than and numbers in the middle (max 100)
  • double and halve (max 100)
  • addition and subtraction (max 100)
  • Count forwards in 4s
  • Number bonds (max 30)
  • Ordinal numbers (max 20)
  • Repeat addition (max 100)
  • Division (with fractions)
  • Fractions: half, third and quarter; colour in
  • Order numbers from the smallest to the largest
  • Rounding off (nearest 10)
  • Money sums


  • Number patterns
  • Geometrical patterns

Visuele Persepsie

  • Pictures: in front of; behind; on top of; to the left of; regs from the and underneath
  • Pictures: Views – bottom; top; side; front; back

Shapes and Objects

  • square; rectangle and circle; Name; Number of sides; Round or straight sides
  • cube; rectangular prism; pyramid and cone; Name; Number of and shapes of faces
  • Order object from the largest to the smallest


  • Draw a line of symmetry
  • Draw other half of the tree


  • Time: Days of the week
  • Time: Months of the year
  • Time: analogue clock; read time from clock and write in digital and in words; draw arms
  • Length: shortest object
  • Mass: Read kg from the analogue scale
  • Volume: litres in jug; tea spoon

Data Handling

  • Count number of vehicles
  • Fill in table
  • Answer question