Gr.3 Space and Shapes [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or pages: 33 (Act) + 10 (Memo)

Number or activities: 15

Activity 1-3: identify different views of everyday object; explain;

Activity 4-6: Directions in classroom; map; key; questions; pirate map

Activity 7: 3D-objects; flat and round faces; roll and slide; shape of faces; rectangular prism; cylinder; cone; squared based pyramid; sphere

Activity 8: 3D-objects; smallest and largest; roll and slide; order;

Activity 9: 3D-objects; cone; triangular based pyramid; similarities and differences; explain; 4 types of pyramids and questions

Activity 10: 2D-shapes; compare triangles; order; compare shapes; circles; triangles; squares; rectangles; oval; questions; draw house

Activity 11: Shapes and objects; identify; name; name sides and faces; draw shapes and objects

Activity 12-15: Symmetry; draw other half of picture; draw line of symmetry; cut-activity