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Thinking Tools WILL Maximize your potential

Benefits for Teachers

  • No more explaining.
  • Enable learners to focus, gain insight and achieve better results.
  • Disciplinary problems vanish.
  • Less time needed for preparing lessons.
  • Learners take ownership of their learning;
  • Motivated classes.
  • Class averages soar.
  • 20 CPTD credits from SACE.


Benefits for Learners

  • Develop literacy skills.
  • Develop ability to analyse problems.
  • Detect relations and patterns.
  • Learn faster and more effectively;
  • No more memorizing and forgetting;
  • Develop self-confidence;
  • Eliminate wrong interpretation of exam questions; and
  • Improve test and exam achievements


Benefits for Parents

  • Child starts to enjoy learning.
  • Motivated child.
  • Improved relations with your children.
  • Improved marks.

Many schools enrolled their full staff or departments.


Thinking Tools originated from the book: The DNA of Great Teachers (2012)

Potential Development using Thinking Tools – the Key to Flipped Teaching (2012) This book describes the theory of Thinking Tools with examples.

You cannot put a price on the self-esteem and confidence gained by progressing from ‘fail’ to ‘pass’!

Course for teachers and parents

6 sessions of 3 hours each which includes the principles of Great Teaching plus 5 teaching methods


Teachers: R1200

Parents: R1000

Course for primary school learners

4 sessions of 3 hours each.

All subjects are covered with a specific focus on comprehension tests, essays and Maths.


Parents must attend

R800 per child PLUS R800 per parent

Course for high school learners

4 sessions of 3 hours each.

All subjects are covered with a specific focus on comprehension tests, essays and Maths.


Parents must attend

R900 per child

No cost for parent.

Course students

3 sessions of 3 hours each.


R900 per student

How do you register for sessions?

When you are on a WhatsApp group, you are registered.

ur Guarantee for teachers 

What do I need to attend via Zoom?

  • Computer/Laptop (with a webcam); OR a Tablet; OR a Smartphone;
  • Participants need to sit in separate rooms as it echoes when more than one device join zoom from the same room;
  • Download Zoom software and arrange with Dr Olivier for an opportunity to test the system before the first session.
  • You need a quiet room where family, pets, etc won’t bother you for the 3-hour session.
  • • A stable internet connection and about 3GB per session.
  • Payment due before sessions start.
  • No refunds for cancellations.
  • Cancellations fees are used to give less privileged individuals the opportunity to attend sessions.
  • Parents of Grade 4 – 7 learners do not pay for learners’ sessions if they have already completed the sessions themselves.

Our Guarantee for teachers

If a Teachers does not learn more about teaching and learning during the 18 hours (6 x 3-hour sessions), than during their university studies (approximately 4,800 hours – 4 years): 10x your money back.



Where do the sessions take place?

Only with Zoom. Do not register.

Dr Cas Olivier

The expert on the thinking brain, teaching and learning.

Author and presenter

B Sc, HOD, B Ed. M Ed, D Ed

Mrs Zelda Botha

Organiser / Marketer


Mrs Karelien Kriel

Author / Marketer