Gr.3 Eng/Math/LS W.H.A.L.E. Homework Act Booklet


A range of Sea-themed Homework activities incorporating Maths, English and Life Skills. Some of the activities include a word search, code cracker, bonds from 5-20, whale fact finding and a whole lot more. Keep your learners engaged with these fun, challenging and thought-provoking Homework activities.


Author: Wendy Botha

Number of pages: 17

Type: Homework Practise with a Sea theme (W.H.A.L.E – Weekly Homework And Little Extras)

Pages are in colour and Black & White

Topics Covered


  • Practise of Bonds 5-10
  • Practise of Bonds 11-15
  • Practise of Bonds 16-18
  • Practise of Bonds 19 & 20
  • Crack the Code using +, – and x
  • Graph: Whale lengths


  • Alphabetical Sea Creatures
  • Put sea creatures into alphabetical order
  • Word Search
  • Smaller words from a BIG word

Life Skills:

  • Create a Me Bag in which to put 3 items to describe to the class without giving away too much information
  • Sea Creature charades
  • Mini project on a sea creature of your choice
  • Whale fact finding