Gr.4 T2 History Text Book [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 32 (book) + 15 (memo)

Print back-to-back and staple

  1. Leadership


10 qualities of a good leader; Activity 1

8 Famous South African Leaders; Activity 2

  1. The Life Story of Nelson Mandela

From Birth until Matriculation; Activity 3

University Years; Activity 4

Mandela as Youth Leader; Activity 5

Mandela as Prisoner

Mandela is Released; Activity 6

Mandela becomes President; Activity 7

Mandela Retires

Mandela’s Charities

Mandela Dies; Activity 8

Mandela’s Timelines (Full Timeline; Political Timeline); Activity 9 – 10

  1. Mandela’s Leadership Qualities

What is a good role model?

What is a good leader?

Was Mandela a good leader?

Is it always easy to be a good leader?

Are leaders always popular?

Are leaders always perfect?

How can normal people follow the example of good leaders?

Activity 11