Gr.2 T4 Super Math Act Book with TT 2022 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number of pages: 132 (book) + 71 (memo)

Number of activities: 25

Types or book: TEXT BOOK (fill in Activity Book) that covers the whole term’s CAPS work

Philosophy: Thinking Tools

Printing: back-to-back and bind with ring binder (1 book) or use stapler (make 2 packs)

Activity 1-2: whole numbers; count; pictures; count in 1s, 2s, 3s; 4s; 5s and 10s; how many fits in

Activity 3: whole numbers; tree map; count forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 3s and 4s; brace map; number symbols and number names between 20 and 100

Activity 4: whole numbers; place values; bridge maps; break up numbers into tens and units; larger than, smaller than or equal to; order numbers; ascending order; descending order; in front of, between and after; less than; more than

Activity 5: whole numbers; ordinal numbers; first, middle and last; bridge maps; first to twentieth; pictures; flow map

Activity 6: whole numbers; double and halve; bridge maps

Activity 7-8: whole numbers; addition; word problems; tea cup method; brace maps

Activity 9-10: whole numbers; subtraction; word problems; tea cup method; brace maps

Activity 11: whole numbers; repeat addition; flow maps; 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s; number patterns in tables

Activity 12-13: whole numbers; sharing; pictures; divide sandwiches equally between children; with and without a remainder; divide numbers in blocks; word problems; divide one chocolate equally between children; further sharing of chocolates

Activity 14: fractions; write the fraction and colour it; half; third; quarter; fifth; sixths; wholes; zero; write the names of the fractions; pictures of fractions in circles

Activity 15: money sums; recognise and write the value of the coins and notes; 5c, 10c, 20c, 50c, R1, R2, R5, R10, R20, R50 and R100; complete tables (word problems and repeat addition)

Activity 16: whole numbers; addition and subtraction; tea cup method

Activity 17-18: whole numbers; repeat addition that leads to multiplication; tables; 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s; brace maps; number walls

Activity 19: fractions; colour in fractions of whole numbers

Activity 20: 2D-shapes; describe patterns that contain everyday objects; pictures; complete bangle that contain circles and ovals; complete the brick pattern op the wall

Activity 21: 3D-objects; circle the correct objects that are asked; balls; boxes; cylinders; roll and slide; order objects; from small to large; from large to small

Activity 22: 2D-shapes; name the shapes; circles; triangles; squares; rectangles; round and straight sides; circle the correct shapes asked for; order shapes; from small to large; from large to small

Activity 23: measurement – time; cycle maps; days of the week; months of the year; names of all the South African public holidays; analogue clocks; time in digital and in words; hours; half hour; quarter hours; calendar; count days; count hours

Activity 24: measurement – length; pictures; longer; longest; shorter; shortest; wider; widest; measure work book in thumbs, cm and mm; mass; number of salt packs that fit into in larger mass; heaviest; lightest; pictures; volume; glasses with water; totally full; almost full; half full; totally leeg; almost leeg; quarter full; write volume on lines of bucket and bottle (liters); ml in measuring cup, table spoon and teaspoon

Activity 25: data handling; emoticons; tally table; pictogram; questions; questions about type of juice that learner likes (table); tree map