Gr.2 T2 Super Math Act Book with TT 2022 [PDF]


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Author: Karelien Kriel

Number or pages: 150 (book) + 72 (memo)

Number or activities: 25

Types or book: TEXT BOOK (fill in Activity Book) that covers the whole term’s CAPS work

Philosophy: Thinking Tools

Printing: back-to-back and bind with ring binder (1 book) or use stapler (make 2 packs)

Activity 1: whole numbers; count forwards and backwards in 1s, 2s, 3s, 4s and 10s; worm (flow map)

Activity 2: whole numbers; number symbol; number name; more than; less than; double; halve; number wall

Activity 3: whole numbers; less than; more than; ordinal numbers; pictures

Activity 4: whole numbers; expanded notation; bridge maps; tree map; place value; number value; tables; number wall

Activity 5: whole numbers; double; halve; bridge maps

Activity 6-7: whole numbers; addition of 2-digit numbers; flow maps; bridge maps; tree maps; tea cup method

Activity 6-8: whole numbers; subtraction of 2-digit numbers; flow maps; bridge maps; tree maps; tea cup method

Activity 10: whole numbers; addition and subtraction; word problems; steps; repeat addition

Activity 11: position; on top of and underneath; in front of and behind; left and right; next to; inside and outside; pictures; fit together

Activity 12: follow instructions in classroom; map

Activity 13: 2D-shapes; fit the correct names to the correct shape; triangle; diamond; rectangle; square; circle; draw shapes according to instructions

Activity 14: 2D-shapes; name the shapes; order; dark to light; small to large; smallest; largest; circle correct shapes

Activity 15: 2D-shapes; pictures; shapes with round and straight sides; roll; slide; number of sides; bridge maps

Activity 16: 2D-shapes; differences and similarities between circles and squares; differences and similarities between rectangles and squares; double bubble map; each shape’s properties

Activity 17:  2D-shapes; symmetry; mirror images; draw the other half of each pictures

Activity 18: 2D-shapes; symmetry; line of symmetry

Activity 19: measurement – time; days of the week; cycle maps; questions; months of the year

Activity 20: measurement – time; calendar; digital clock; analogue clock; read time

Activity 21: measurement – time; analogue clock; read time; draw the arms on the clock

Activity 22: measurement – time; elapsed time in minutes and hours; tree maps

Activity 23: measurement – time; experiment; practical

Activity 24: measurement – mass; weighing scale; heaviest; lightest; read mass off digital and analogue scales; order

Activity 25: data handling; column graph with pictures; questions; table with pictures; number walls